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VIP room area

VIP room is designed under specific criteria; besides a large area, the room is equipped to serve the patients, patients' relatives, secretary team and reception. VIP room with an area of 50m2 consists of 24m2 disease room and 26m2patient’s relative room. The facilities in the VIP room are detailed as follows:

  • Luxury patient beds with blankets, bedspread, pillows in patient room
  • Patient's relative beds with blankets, bedspread, pillows in patient's relative room
  • Curtain at patient beds (independent from patient room, connected by a door)
  • 02 window fabric curtains
  • Sofa couch (2 seater couch, 2 chairs, 1 tea table)
  • Patient's relatives couch
  • 02 VIP room wardrobes
  • 04  bedside cabinets
  • Air conditioner
  • 02 32"  Televisions
  • Internet, cable TV
  • 02 mini refrigerators
  • 02 Bathroom with standing bath, sink, mirror
  • Hot water machine
  • Household waste bin
  • Medical Recycle bin

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