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Intensive care unit

The intensive care unit area is an area to make diagnosis and treatment for severe, complex cases or for patients in need of special care from medical staffs. Patients in intensive care unit are near to the death. The doctors in the intensive care unit cure the patients not only in the spirit of "While there's life, there's hope" but also in the spirit of "death ends all conflicts and hatred".

This area is fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment to help patients under control and optimal care. The intensive care unit is large with perfect design on architecture and medical techniques. Every room in intensive care unit is equipped with modern emergency machine such as system of hospital beds under remote electronic board, monitor system mounted at each bedside to monitor vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation and SpCO2 measures capillary of patients, hospital bed with regularly oxygen supply hose via button. There are available defibrillator, ventilator, infusion pump, suction machine, 3 channel ECG, nebulizer in the rooms used for serious cases, active emergency cases.

The patients in intensive care unit are people suffering from the stroke, cerebro-vascular accident (CVA), traumatic brain injury caused by a traffic accident (previous emergency surgery), poisoning, infection ...etc. to be treated active medicine. Therefore, doctors serving in the intensive care unit are experienced in the field of therapy, cardiology, to predict complications can occur in individual patients. The doctors in intensive care unit area of Dong Nai General Hospital are dedicated and skilled professional doctors with university and graduate degrees and many years of experiences in famous hospitals in Vietnam and they were awarded many honorable titles in the health sector in Vietnam.

The doctors always are direct in the center of patient room to monitor patient's progression in 24/24h. The doctors can hear beeps of ventilators and promptly detect unusual progression of patients. Skilled nursing team in intensive care unit always closely monitors the patient room 24h/ day to timely support patients and doctors.

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